Services to Universities

Design and manufacturing of lab equipment including:

  • Design and manufacturing of standard test rigs and apparatuses
  • Design and manufacturing of customized test rigs
  • Design and manufacturing of standard or customized accessories
  • Manufacturing of test specimens

Modifications to your lab equipment including:

  • Increasing the testing capabilities of the machine to use it for new specimen types or new experiment types by design, manufacturing, selection and installation of new accessories such as specimen holders, spindle arms, gearboxes, rotary or moving tables, variable frequency drives and controllers.
  • Increasing the number of measured parameters or improving the accuracy of the equipment adding new standard or customized sensors such as loadcells, torqometers, temperature and pressure sensors, linear or rotary displacement sensors, velocimeters, flowmeters, and so on.
  • Increasing the testing temperature range of the machine by design, selection and installation of temperature control systems, thermally sealed test chambers, heaters, blowers, ovens, coolers, temperature controllers, water and oil bathes, cryogenic accessories, liquid nitrogen freezers, and insulated boxes.
  • Creating specific testing environment including high pressure, low pressure, dry, humid, clean, dusty, acidic, basic, salty, gas or any other specific harsh testing environment by using of pumps, fans, blowers, vacuum pumps, filters, dryers, humidifiers, and sprays.
  • Design and implementation of your needs of mechanical mechanisms, robotic arms, electric and electronic controllers, electromotors, pneumatic or hydraulic rams and power packs, fixtures, and material handling mechanisms.

Repair and renewal your lab equipment including:

  • Mechanical repair/renovation
  • Sensor replacement or calibration
  • Electronic, controller, or software update and reprograming




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